About C&I

Mission Statement

In the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, we are dedicated to developing and implementing transformational educational experiences that include the following elements:

  • Research-based practices for teaching and learning
  • Consistent experiences with authentic contexts and assignments
  • Diversity of perspectives, values, and communities
  • Continual opportunities for reflection towards the development of empathy for all people and empowerment to work on behalf of all students

We are a faculty that seeks to help our students critically question and deconstruct the complex intersections of environmental, cultural, historical, and political factors that influence and affect teaching and learning. We are a faculty who participate in engaged scholarship that develops knowledge with and for education practitioners, both formal and informal (or communities of practice). We are a faculty that strives to model reflection, advocacy, and care for community in order to work toward an equitable, democratic, and sustainable society.

(Revised Fall 2016)