About Us

Mission Statement

In the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, we are dedicated to developing and implementing transformational educational experiences that include the following elements:

  • Research-based practices for teaching and learning
  • Consistent experiences with authentic contexts and assignments
  • Diversity of perspectives, values, and communities
  • Continual opportunities for reflection towards the development of empathy for all people and empowerment to work on behalf of all students

We are a faculty that seeks to help our students critically question and deconstruct the complex intersections of environmental, cultural, historical, and political factors that influence and affect teaching and learning. We are a faculty who participate in engaged scholarship that develops knowledge with and for education practitioners, both formal and informal (or communities of practice). We are a faculty that strives to model reflection, advocacy, and care for community in order to work toward an equitable, democratic, and sustainable society.

(Revised Fall 2016)

Statement on Systemic Racism

As a department, we acknowledge systemic racism, our roles in its perpetuation, and are committed to its dismantling through our work in teacher education. We support last summer's statements condemning systemic violence and police brutality made by the Reich College of Education's Dean, Melba Spooner, and the university's Center for Academic Excellence Inclusive Excellence Team.  We also support the more recent statements in support of America's Asian Americans made by Dean Spooner, and by Dr. Willie Fleming, Appalachian State University's Chief Diversity Officer.