International Travel Opportunity to Oaxaca, MX for Spring 2017

Why do so many folks migrate from Mexico and Central America to the United States? Travel with us to Oaxaca, MX to learn more about the complex social, economic, and political reasons that drive people to leave their homelands. On this exciting program, we will work with Witness for Peace, an international solidarity organization whose mission is to support peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas. Witness for Peace will guide our work as we visit schools to learn from teachers and students, stay with host families, and work with migrant advocacy groups in Oaxaca. Come learn from people whose lives are directly affected by migration.

Understanding the Roots of Migration

May 13-24, 2017 | $2360 includes airfare, meals, and housing!

You can find complete directions for completing the application here:

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Fin Aid is available for travel to Mexico.
OIED Scholarships available Feb 15 with a Mar 15 deadline:

Contact Greg McClure ( or Shanan Fitts ( for more information.

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Ancient ruins in Mexico

Old church in Mexico
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